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Cocktails & Wines

Surry Hills by Night – Crime & Cocktails

Discover the backstories of the “worst women of Sydney” on this small-group bar and nightlife tour!

This exclusive tour will operate for the 4 week duration of the The Heart of Surry Hills activation and supports a range of local businesses including Brix Distillers, Four Pillars Gin Laboratory, the Shakespeare Hotel and more.

Local Sauce Tours invites you on an evening tour of Surry Hills, combining drinks, food and an interactive story which will weave the past of Surry Hills together with the present.

The interative story will be focusing on the Queen of Surry Hills, Kate Leigh, and tell her story and the characters around her, with guests getting to each play a role and have their own lines to deliver during the tour. There will be at least 3 drink stops where we will have small “aperitif” style samples of food and drink.

Local Sauce Tours offers Sydney’s “funnest” small-group experiences, bringing together locals and visitors alike to make new friends and discover hidden gems within the inner-city area. Launched in 2018, Local Sauce Tours offer a range of food, drink and culture tours that explore vibrant pockets of inner-city Sydney. They also host regular intimate dining experiences including a Refugee Chef Dinner Banquet. 

All experiences cater for a maximum of 12 guests and are hosted by passionate and entertaining guides who artfully blend food experiences with stories of the city’s history, culture, nightlife and art.

We’ll take you beyond the main streets of Surry Hills and your expert host will delve deep into the fascinating history and characters that have called Surry Hills home in the past.

DAY & TIME: November Evenings on the 3rd, 10th, 18th and 24th.


  • The tours will go for approximately 3 hours with a 6:30pm start at Taylor Square, and finish near Central Station, so will cover most of Surry Hills.
  • Price will be $60 per person, which will include the first drink, a mini cocktail at another bar and some shared food, plus the 3 hour guided tour.


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