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Cocktails & Wines

The Rover

Surry Hill’s local Irish bar The Rover has a unique bustling charm and the aesthetic of a New York cocktail bar. At the bar you’ll find seasonal cocktails, wine, and whiskey, and on your plate, you’ll find mouth-watering seafood dishes.

The drinks list is as delicious and varied as you’d expect from one of our great Surry Hills bars, with special attention paid to their large range of wines – mostly biodynamic and organic. Dim, moody lighting keeps things relaxed and atmospheric.

With a walk-in only policy, The Rover welcomes you in and invites you to share in the good times and frivolity.

Head Chef: Pip Pratt

Offer: Toasting to wilder days of foot stomping shenanigans, The Rover has re-emerged with the bustling charm of the old Wild Rover and the sophistication of a dapper New York cocktail and oyster bar. The Estuary Martini is at the heart of what the venue is all about: cocktails and oysters. Never Never Oyster Shell Gin is stirred with blanc vermouth, dry sherry, champagne mignonette and is paired perfectly with any of the The Rover’s selection of oysters on sale that day. Whether dropping in for a casual tipple or seeking a proper night out, The Rover returns, right here in the belly of Surry Hills.

Head Bar: Alex Gondzioulis

Offer: Estuary Martini Never Never Oyster Shell Gin, blanc vermouth, dry sherry, champagne mignonette – $23 for November!

Address: 75 Campbell Street, Surry Hills




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